Xmas Travel Quiz Answers

Our xmas travel quiz was designed to test your travel knowledge and some quirky Christmas customs from around the world and get you in the mood for the festive season. For those keen to know the answers to the quiz all answers are now revealed.

Q1. The original St Nicholas was a catholic bishop who originated from which country?

  • Correct answer rate: 30%
  • Correct answer: Greece. St Nicholas was an early Christian Bishop who was known for gift giving. He lived in a part of Greece what is now part of Turkey although he was of Greek origin.

Q2. In Japan, what food is most often eaten on Christmas Day?

  • Correct answer rate: 20%
  • Correct answer: Japan. Ever since a successful advertising campaign in 1974 KFC has been the go to Christmas cuisine in the land of the rising sun.

Q3. Where is the city of Bethlehem most correctly located?

  • Correct answer rate: 30%
  • Correct answer: Palestine. Whilst Palestine technically sits within Israel, Bethlehem sits within the State of Palestine which came under their control after Israeli troops withdrew in 1995.

Q4. In Eastern Europe what fish is often found swimming in the family bathtub on Christmas Eve?

  • Correct answer rate: 90%
  • Correct answer: Carp. Seems a LOT of people knew this! An Eastern European tradition to keep the fish fresh until it is ready to eat.

Q5. On what date is Christmas celebrated in Russia?

  • Correct answer rate: 60%
  • Correct answer: 7 January. The 25th of December on the Russian Orthodox or Julien calendar falls on the 7 January for folks following the Gregorian calendar.

Q6. Santa Claus Village, located in Rovaniemi on the Arctic circle is in what country?

  • Correct answer rate: 50%
  • Correct answer: Finland. Santas Village in the Lapland region of northern Finland is open year round and a popular place for people to get an immersive Christmas experience.

Q7. Which two of Santa’s reindeer mean ‘Thunder’ and ‘Lightning’ when translated in German

  • Correct answer rate: 70%
  • Correct answer: Donner (Thunder) & Blitzen (Lightning).

Q8. The north pole is located over land or water?

  • Correct answer rate: 70%
  • Correct answer: Water. The North Pole is located in the Arctic Ocean and has an almost permanent cap of floating sea ice.

Q9. In the Netherlands what is the name of the controversial side-kick to St Nicholas or ‘Sinterklass’?

  • Correct answer rate: 60%
  • Correct answer: Black Pete. Black Pete or ‘Swarte’ Pete came from an 1850’s book depicting a Spanish Moor as Santa’s helper. The characterisation of Swarte Pete has drawn controversy for being racist.

Q10. In what city were Christmas Crackers first made?

  • Correct answer rate: 20%
  • Correct answer: London. Tom Smith of London made an iteration on his bon bon sweets in 1847. He added messages and also a crackle element to spice things up and they have developed ever since. A memorial to Tom Smith stands in Finsbury square in London.

Stay tuned for another quiz, hopefully January.

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