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House Sitting Tips for New House Sitters
16 Dec 2018

Some of our best travel experiences of late have been through house sitting. House sitting has become a new travel niche with home owners and house sitters connecting through trusted...

turo car rental
Pros and Cons of Turo Car Rental
25 Oct 2018

I'm standing in a suburban street, a 10 minute Uber ride from San Francisco airport. In front of us is undoubtedly the smallest car I've ever seen. I open my...

icefields parkway
Renting a Car in the USA – What Insurance Do I Need?
10 Sep 2018

The USA is designed to be explored behind the wheel. The freedom to hit the highway on an epic road trip or explore your chosen destination independently makes renting a car...

Carretera Austral road surface
Carretera Austral
30 Dec 2017

The Carretera Austral, a triumph of Chilean engineering and a relic of the ruthless Pinochet dictatorship. Once isolated northern Patagonian towns eventually connected by a passable terrestrial thoroughfare after 20...

Cerro Castillo
The 10 Commandments of Hiking
22 Dec 2017

No matter what religion you do or don’t follow, hikers share a common love of nature which came from something other than us humble humans. The biblical story of Moses...

Capri by Fraser Rooftop Pool
Balinese Visa Run
12 Nov 2017

With Bali a growing destination for expat and digital nomads, co-working spaces have sprung up, wifi has improved, so too has the coffee. One thing that is unchanged however is...

Drone Photography
Drone Photography Tips
08 Nov 2017

Not yet as common as the infamous selfie stick, and certainly a little more expensive, drones have taken the world by storm. There is nothing like a fresh perspective to...

trans mongolian train
Trans-Siberian Railway Tips
08 Aug 2017

The Trans-Siberian Railway. The classic multi-day rail journey across Russia to the far east of Asia. Siberia is as desolate as it is beautiful, no matter the season. Much has...

Travel Money Saving Tips
Top 5 Money Saving Tips for Travel
24 Apr 2017

Money makes the world go around. And, it also makes you go around the world! There is no avoiding it. It is also a myth that travel is expensive. It can...

Travel Planning
Our Top 5 Travel Planning & Research Tips
24 Apr 2017

Travel planning. You either love it or you hate it. You may love doing in depth research about where to go, what time is best what to see, where to...

Travel Addict
Top 5 signs you are a Travel Addict
16 Aug 2016

The bite from the travel bug is an unforgiving one. The effects of which may go unnoticed for some time. You may begin to be aware that friends and family...