usa flag

The United States has 50 very different states under the banner of the stars and stripes. Experience sun-drenched California with beaches and the great outdoors, Pulsing New York City, a country unto itself contrasted with the laid back deep south and expansive deserts.

death valley camero roadtrip

An iconic road trip is a great way to explore and well catered for. Whether traversing Death Valley, meandering the Mississippi or cruising Route 61, the beauty of a road trip is you can go wherever you want and stick to a more iconic route, your own!

shack up inn mississippi

Visit a recently converted cotton farm at The Shack Up Inn, located in Clarksdale, Mississippi. With international blues acts performing regularly in their eclectic bar you’ll be entertained as well as immersed in a bygone era. As they quote on their website ‘The Ritz we aint!’

puerto rico flag

Puerto Rico, an island in the Caribbean has been an unincorporated territory of the United States since 1898.

Travelling in the United States of America

Entrance to Graceland.
Posted by Warren | 10 Aug 2017
Beneath the Sideburns and Sequins of Elvis

Standing in the Jungle Room of Graceland. I feel the mastery and extravagance of Elvis exude from the walls. I imagine he and his entourage lounging about. Drinks and drugs...

halloween new orleans
Posted by Warren | 31 Oct 2016
Halloween in New Orleans

Our Halloween begun with a scene out of American Horror Story. Our Lafayette Airbnb creaked and moaned all night, cats mysteriously appeared from nowhere and then disappeared just as quickly....

Beale Street Memphis
Posted by Warren | 23 Oct 2016
Memphis, Tennesse

After a night in what can only be described as a truckstop, Texacarna, Arkansas was an experience. Between our stay at a Motel 6, our dinner at Applebees and breakfast...

big beach maui
Posted by Warren | 31 Dec 2015
Big Beach, Maui

New Years Eve, island style. Our final day in Maui and it called for some beach action. Beauty of an Island like Maui is you can get anywhere quickly with...

Lahania hawaii
Posted by Warren | 26 Dec 2015
Lahania, Maui, Hawaii

Nursing a mild hangover on boxing day, the day after Christmas, Erin and I were contemplating the prospect of working the days between Christmas and New Year while most had the...

Mt Whitney
Posted by Warren | 14 Jul 2013
Badwater Marathon, Death Valley

I spotted a lone figure in the distance. This shimmering haze on the horizon slowly materialised into a white cloth-clad figure shuffling alone in the vacant landscape. Slowing to a...

Sausalito San Francisco skyline
Posted by Warren | 01 Oct 2009
San Francisco, USA

'Are you going, to San Fran-Cisco?' Well we are. That line never gets old as we make our way south from Sonoma near the Napa Valley. About as fitting as...

Napa Valley Winery
Posted by Warren | 30 Sep 2009
Sipping Across Sonoma

An hour's drive from Berkeley and we were in Sonoma. The little sister of Napa, the major town of this winery region north of San Francisco. We pulled into the...

Big Sur Lookout
Posted by Warren | 29 Sep 2009
Big Sur, California

Start the ignition on the Mustang to begin the Big Sur roadtrip. Clock turns on showing 9am precisely. Nothing strange about that except that the two previous mornings of our...

Yosemite Lookout
Posted by Warren | 27 Sep 2009
Yosemite National Park

Las Vegas to Yosemite National Park. Thinking Google maps told me it was 400km away I was surprised to see it then would take 9 hours. Seems an awfully slow...

statue of liberty
Posted by Warren | 02 Oct 2005
New York City

Get a bus from Boston to New York. Getting buses is difficult enough but when you have two large bags each it becomes very cumbersome! We arrive at the NYC...

marthas vineyard
Posted by Warren | 26 Sep 2005
Boston and Cape Cod

Board the bus in Moncton which crosses the border into the USA not too far down the road. As Aussies we get a more than thorough interrogation although one guy...