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Chile is a long thin ‘french fry’ extending down the western spine of South America. Dry deserts, Patagonian ice fields, the extensive Andes mountains and some cool surf breaks. It’s hard to argue that Chile was also just voted the best place to travel in 2018. So we’re spending a few months here to see what all the fuss is about!

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Trekking around the southern Patagonian region is an endless playground of exercise and exploration. The Cerro Banderas summit (pictured) has a perfect view of the Beagle channel.

The Micalvi is a half sunken cargo barge which serves as a marina in Puerto Williams, the most southern city in the world. Enjoy a drink with some salty sea dogs as they travel to and from Antarctica.

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Puerto Toro is the southernmost permanently inhabited community on the globe, and only some 3,900 km from the South Pole. It is the only settlement on Earth that is situated below the 55th parallel south.



Chile Campervan Adventure

Most epic road trips are booked long in advance, have a detailed itinerary and a list of must do’s along the way. Instead with a week’s notice we had our bags packed and were boarding a plane to Santiago de Chile. You might say we were ill prepared for our Chile Campervan Adventure but some things you need to do on the fly.

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Chile stories

Camping La Poza Pucon
Posted by Warren Dobe | 24 Nov 2017
Camping Parque la Poza

Situated just off the main street, Camping Parque la Poza provides a super convenient camping location to access the main street of the adrenaline capital of Chile, Pucon. We stayed...

Camping Werner
Posted by Warren Dobe | 26 Nov 2017
Camping Werner, Llanquihue

Camping Werner has perfect views across Lake Llanquihue to Volcan Orsono. It is ideally positioned to enjoy all the delights of the Los Lagos region, and an alternative to Puerto...

Cerro Bandera
Posted by Warren Dobe | 01 Jan 2014
Hiking Cerro Bandera

Many New Years Day's are started with a late greasy breakfast, potentially on the sofa watching re-runs of How I Met Your Mother, or instead, taking a dip in the...

camping agrotourismo chepu
Posted by Warren Dobe | 27 Nov 2017
Agrotourismo Chepu, Isla Chiloe

The remote west coast of Isla Chiloe boast rugged wilderness, Humboldt penguins and seabirds. On a visit to the small inlet at Chepu, accommodation was sparse although we located Agrotourismo...

Enladrillado summit
Posted by Warren Dobe | 25 Nov 2017
Hiking Enladrillado

My feet are still throbbing after 7 solid hours of hiking over loose rocks, wobbly logs and soft snow. An arduous but rewarding trek in middle Chile amongst dense forests,...

Camping Paredes Isla Quinchao
Posted by Warren Dobe | 30 Nov 2017
Camping Paredes, Isla Quinchao

After a long day touring around Isla Quinchao and the historic churches off the coast of Chiloe we headed to the remote township of Palqui on the north of the...

Chile Campervan
Posted by Warren Dobe | 29 Jan 2018
Chile Campervan Adventure

Most epic roadtrips are booked long in advance, have a detailed itinerary and a list of must do's along the way. So with a week's notice and knowledge of Chile...

Camping Parque Nacional Queulat
Posted by Warren Dobe | 01 Dec 2017
Camping Ventisquero Colgante

Along Chile's Ruta 7, the infamous Carretera Austral, in between Chaiten and Coyhaquie lies Conaf operated Camping Ventisquero Colgante, home to the 'hanging glacier'. The campground is just off the...

Posted by Warren Dobe | 16 Dec 2017
Climbing Volcan Villarrica

Volcan Villarrica dominates the skyline when seen from the Ruta 5 heading south through the Lake District of Chile. The symmetrical snow-capped conical peak soars high above any surrounding landmarks....

El Camping Coyhaique
Posted by Warren Dobe | 06 Dec 2017
El Camping, Coyhaique

Being the largest town along the Carretera Austral, Coyhaique doesn't boast much options for camping. Thankfully, El Camping is more than adequate to accommodate travellers that need to stay close...

Carretera Austral road surface
Posted by Warren Dobe | 30 Dec 2017
Carretera Austral

The Carretera Austral, a triumph of Chilean engineering and a relic of the ruthless Pinochet dictatorship. Once isolated northern Patagonian towns eventually connected by a passable terrestrial thoroughfare after 20...

hosteria de la patagonia
Posted by Warren Dobe | 09 Dec 2017
Hosteria de la Patagonia, Chile Chico

A popular exit and entry point between Chile and Argentina along the Carretera Austral is Chile Chico. It over 100km drive from the Carretera Austral along pretty rough, steep and...

Fitz Roy, El Chalten
Posted by Warren Dobe | 04 Jan 2018
El Chaltén

The custom-built adventure town of El Chaltén . A by-product of the Chilean and Argentinian arms race to secure tourism sites in southern Patagonia. This Argentinian stake in the ground forms immediate...

camping el relincho el chalten
Posted by Warren Dobe | 11 Dec 2017
Camping El Relincho, El Chaltén

Located in Argentina's trekking capital of El Chaltén, Camping El Relincho is a perfect base for accessing the many lovely hikes available directly from the campsite. A large enclosed communal...

Camping Laguna del Perro
Posted by Warren Dobe | 21 Nov 2017
Camping Laguna del Perro, Pichelemu

Camping Laguna del Perro was our first campsite in Chile! After scouting out Pichelemu's windswept peninsula in town we settled on this very serene campsite a few kilometres south of...

camping guino
Posted by Warren Dobe | 20 Dec 2017
Camping Guino, Puerto Natales

With a 'Penguino' (penguin) as its logo, aptly named Camping Guino is located in the base town for the ever popular Torres Del Paine. The space is a large open...

Los Nogales de Vilches
Posted by Warren Dobe | 23 Nov 2017
Camping Los Nogales de Vilches

Heading out of San Clemente it wasn't long before hitting our first strip of 'ripio' roads for the trip. Rutted gravel roads that reduce speed to about 40kph. Camping Los...

camping parque nacional altos de lircay
Posted by Warren Dobe | 24 Nov 2017
Camping Parque Nacional Altos de Lircay

After staying at Camping Los Nogales de Vilches we moved closer to the trails at Camping Parque Nacional Altos de Lircay rather than hike the first 4km on a trail we could...