Pumphouse Point, Tasmania

Luxury in the Wilderness

Pumphouse Point is a world-class luxury hotel in one of the most isolated wilderness areas of in the world. It combines adventure, eco-tourism, unique yet welcome dining and jaw-dropping views from just about every window. A stay at Pumphouse Point, once you secure a booking, is most likely to be one of the most memorable places you’ll ever rest your head for the night.

Pumphouse Point is located within the Cradle Mountain, Lake St Clair National Park, a world-heritage listed wilderness area. The Pumphouse was designed originally to pump water to a nearby hydro-electric power station. It was completed in the 1940s however was never put into active service.  It was retired in the 1990s and then converted to a hotel which was finally opened to the public in 2015. Staying in the Pumphouse creates the relaxing illusion you are floating above the rippled icy waters of what was once a glacier-fed lake.

Floating above Lake St Clair in the Pump house.

Floating above Lake St Clair in the Pump house.

The setting alone would sell itself, yet the entire experience at the Pumphouse has to lived to be believed. I seriously hope you consider Pumphouse Point for your next weekend splurge.

Pumphouse Point Rainbow

Rainbows are commonly seen across Lake St Clair!

Getting to Pumphouse Point

Nothing comes standard at the Pumphouse. Here are some arrival options:


Arriving at Pumphouse Point by air is awesome!

Arriving at Pumphouse Point by air is awesome!

Get to the chopper! A short blast through the central plains of Tasmania will have you landing at Pumphouse Point in less than an hour from Hobart. The views are epic and the Pumphouse from the air looks like a beige lego block bobbing in the lake. Pumphouse Point arranges the helicopter as part of the booking and, if you want a more leisurely (and cheaper) return option they can have a hire car waiting for you to drive back to Hobart when you are eventually forced to leave.

Helicopter arrival adds to the exclusive experience!

Helicopter arrival adds to the exclusive experience!


Pumphouse Point is at the end of the multi-day Overland track hike (if heading south). After 6 days in the wilderness and 80km of walking, the reward of staying in a clean soft bed at Pumphouse Point is great to use as a dangling carrot to get you through the most gruelling bits of the hike. It’s located only 5km from the National Park office which marks the official end of the Overland track. If your nice, I’m sure the staff can pick you up 🙂

Overland Track Start

The popular Overland Track ends at Lake St Clair, Pumphouse Point is a great reward!


This is the most obvious and perhaps most boring option, although the 3 hour drive from Hobart or Launceston is through wide open plains and there are a few small towns to pick up a coffee or pastry to keep you going.

Departure gate for Pumphouse Point.

Pumphouse Point is just under 3 hours by car from Hobart.

The Pumphouse Accommodation

Two building house accommodation, the actual Pumphouse and the Shorehouse. The Pumphouse is the most iconic and provides the best views of the lake but also the hardest to secure a booking in! It is located at the end of a 250m pier. The only downside is moving to and from the pier in Tasmania’s four-seasons-in-one-day climate!

Pumphouse Point

The Pumphouse has been in operation since 1940, yet never used for active service.

The rooms come equipped with sensationally comfortable, elevated beds to make the most of the views. The bathroom has a rustic feel in theme with the pump house origins. Corrugated iron walls, a heated, polished concrete floor and copper piping will have you wanting to replicate the same at home. A small larder is stocked for lunch either in your room, the lounge or taking out to nearby picnic spots by the lake. There is also freshly baked bread which always on call should you need another.

Floating on a lake in the Pumphouse

Floating on a lake in the Pumphouse.

There is a choice of 4 ground floor rooms, 4 second-floor rooms and 2 top floor rooms. The best compromise between price and views is the second-floor rooms (if you can get them). Book well in advance!

A communal lounge room is on the ground and second floor with views over the ever-changing scenes that unfold upon the lake. There are books to read, games to play and an honesty bar where guests list their drinks consumed which are tallied up each day.

A great place to spend a chilly afternoon.

A great place to spend a chilly afternoon.

Pumphouse Point Dining

Yet another unique feature of Pumphouse Point is the dining. Dinner and breakfast are optional but really the only convenient option in this part of the world and well worth the experience. Dinner is served within the Shorehouse on large communal tables for 8 people in a large banquet. There is plenty of food for everyone and the conversation is helped along with yet another honesty bar housing a good selection of beer and wine.

Breakfast is more of a buffet affair again at communal tables and lunch is via the in-room care package with endless supplies of freshly baked bread.



Plenty of short hikes are available within the Pumphouse point property. small streams with rocky shores and platypus can be seen here in the wild. A short drive or cycle to the National Park office allows longer day hikes along the lake if you’re feeling more energetic. The Watersmeet trail is recommended.

Pumphouse Point is within World Hertiage listed Lake St Clair National Park with plenty of nearby hiking options.

Pumphouse Point is within World Hertiage listed Lake St Clair National Park with plenty of nearby hiking options.

Mountain Biking

Decent quality mountain bikes are available as part of the deal, with plenty for everyone. These provide a nice ride from the Pumphouse grounds along trails to the National Park leading to further trails to explore.

Bikes are freely available right out front to explore endless trails.

Bikes are freely available right out front to explore endless trails.


Platypus and wallabies are among the many native inhabitants along with plenty of birdlife via the lake. With only guests having access to the area you are likely to spend your time entirely alone with nature.

Boating, fly fishing and photography are also great options to drag you away from the fireplace within the pumphouse.

It’s truly a privilege to stay at Pumphouse Point and worth the wait from time of booking. The staff make everything easy and you’ll instantly feel at what you wish was your new home.

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