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torres del paine
Torres Del Paine – DIY Guide

Torres Del Paine. The epicentre of the Southern...

trail running
Ultra-Marathon Trail Run Race Day Deconstructed

Ultra-marathon trail running. What is it like to...

Latest in Road Trips

Chile Campervan
Chile Campervan Adventure

Most epic road trips are booked long in advance, have...

Memphis to New Orleans Road Trip

Head South from Memphis for ride through the music, history,...

niagara falls
Niagara Falls

While working out of Toronto for 6 months an easy and obvious side trip was the iconic Niagara Falls. Allison...

Sheikh Zayad Mosque
Abu Dhabi Adventure Guide

A true rags to riches story. Abu Dhabi has emerged as a tourist hotspot. Take theme parks, race tracks and...

camping agrotourismo chepu
Agrotourismo Chepu, Isla Chiloe

The remote west coast of Isla Chiloe boast rugged wilderness, Humboldt penguins and seabirds. On a visit to the small...

San Pedro Guatemala
San Pedro Spanish School

First day of Spanish School in San Pedro. Martina got us each a traditional German 1st day of school gift....

Pocaya volcano
Climbing Pocaya Volcano, Guatemala

Christmas Eve. What better day to climb a volcano. A 6am start as the pre-arranged bus arrives at the door of...

mount ashby estate
Mount Ashby Estate

There is no telling where running around the Southern Highlands can take you. La Palette Cafe, located in Mount Ashby Estate just...

Casa del Mondo Lake Atitlan
Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

We had enjoyed a very decent meal in Santa Cruz the night before. Prepared by our German host it was a...

hilltop village bakery oven
Hilltop Village Bakery

Hilltop Village Bakery is a community-minded bakery in this remote outpost of the Southern Highlands. A scenic run was had...

Mt Oxley Aboriginal Tribute
Gumnut Patisserie Berrima

The run to the Gumnut Patisserie Berrima was up and over Oxley Hill. Running was under clear and sunny skies,...

Ushuaia, Argentina

Ushuaia, Tierra Del Fuego, Argentina. This is the jumping off point for most trips to Antarctica and also known as...

Chichicastenengo graveyard
Chichicastenango Markets

Chichicastenango sounds like a made up place for a town. It is the type of name that warrants a little...

Hammock time in Kudat Beach Borneo
Kudat Turtle Beach Sanctuary

Finding a truly deserted beach to camp on these days is a pretty tough find. So, by the time we...