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Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa is...

Ella Rock View
How to Climb Ella Rock in Sri Lanka

A drawcard of Ella, Sri Lanka is a...

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Peggy's Cove Lighthouse
Peggy’s Cove

Head down the Atlantic coast from Cape Breton towards Halifax....

Entrance to Argentina from the Chile Chico border.
Crossing Chile’s Borders With a Chilean Vehicle As a Foreigner

“ Sanity is not statistical.” - George Orwell, 1984.  ...

Travel Addict
Top 5 signs you are a Travel Addict

The bite from the travel bug is an unforgiving one. The effects of which may go unnoticed for some time....

Pie Time
The Mill Cafe Bowral

The Mill Cafe Bowral is a large warehouse whose bohemian style interior wouldn't be out of place along a street in...

Cerro Bandera
Hiking Cerro Bandera

Many New Years Day's are started with a late greasy breakfast, potentially on the sofa watching re-runs of How I...

Shaggy Cow Mittagong - Pie
The Shaggy Cow Mittagong

The Shaggy Cow Mittagong is a popular lunchtime venue on the turn-off to Bowral. It has quite a gourmet and...

tikal ruins guatemala
Discovering the Lost City of Tikal

We have breakfast with the yachtie set on the Rio Dulce. We say adios to Capt John and the Windy...

basins landing campground sunset
Camping at Basin Landing

Finding a decent place to camp within an hour from Sydney in native bushland, on the water and not too...

big beach maui
Big Beach, Maui

New Years Eve, island style. Our final day in Maui and it called for some beach action. Beauty of an...

gentlemans halt camping
Gentleman’s Halt, Hawkesbury River

A '10km moderate walk' said the sign at the beginning of the Canoelands Ridge Trail, accessed logically by Canoelands Rd,...

kandy lake sri lanka
Sri Lanka Surprise

A three hour drive out of Yallingup has us arriving at Perth International airport. Driven promptly and efficiently by our...

Iquitos, Peru

You know you're travelling when you wake up not knowing where you are, what time it is and what you're...

Ella Rock View
How to Climb Ella Rock in Sri Lanka

A drawcard of Ella, Sri Lanka is a hike up Ella Rock. Yet mysteriously no route map exists, no trail...

Cerro Castillo
5 Unmissable Day Hikes in Chile

If you forget your hiking boots when travelling to Chile you'll soon regret it. There are so many hiking options...