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Macchu Pichu
Hiking to Machu Picchu

Awake 4am for a 5am departure. It is...

Overland Track Start
Overland Track, Tasmania

6 days. 5 nights. 80 kilometres. The Overland...

Latest in Road Trips

byron bay lighthouse
East Coast Australia Road Trip

With just over a month to spare, an East Coast...

Chile Campervan
Chile Campervan Adventure

Most epic road trips are booked long in advance, have...

Ritual washing Varanasi

Awake to the clickity clack of the overnight train from Agra into Varanasi. Slept pretty well and with no reason...

kandy lake sri lanka
Sri Lanka Surprise

A three hour drive out of Yallingup has us arriving at Perth International airport. Driven promptly and efficiently by our...

icefields parkway
Icefields parkway

Snow drifts sweep across the road. Elk and deer dart in front of the headlights. We'd stop if there were...

croatia sailing boat
Sailing Croatia

I never had Makarska at the top of my desired destinations list. In fact it wasn't in the middle or...

The effigy of Ganesh being led to the sea.
Ganesh festival, Mumbai

We awake early on the first day of our India travels and take a stroll out to the Gateway of...

running a marathon race day
Running a Marathon – Race Day Deconstructed

Running a marathon is an ultimate goal for many runners whether you are an elite runner or a weekend warrior....

hosteria de la patagonia
Hosteria de la Patagonia, Chile Chico

A popular exit and entry point between Chile and Argentina along the Carretera Austral is Chile Chico. It over 100km...

statue of liberty
New York City

Get a bus from Boston to New York. Getting buses is difficult enough but when you have two large bags...

tomorrowland sri lanka
Tomorrowland, Ella

It was with some trepidation that Erin and I left the safety of our traditional homestay in the main travellers hub...

Pocaya volcano
Climbing Pocaya Volcano, Guatemala

Christmas Eve. What better day to climb a volcano. A 6am start as the pre-arranged bus arrives at the door of...

Running Tour Rome
Running Tour of Rome

Rome in mid summer. Think heat. Think crowds. Think stress. Whether travelling solo or in a tour, all roads (and...

greve in chianti
Greve in Chianti

It was hard to believe that after only one day in Greve in Chianti we'd be invited out to dinner....