Chile Campervan
Chile Campervan Adventure
Posted by Warren Dobe | 29 Jan 2018

Most epic roadtrips are booked long in advance, have a detailed itinerary and a list of must do's along the way. So with a week's notice and knowledge of Chile...

Ubud Monkey Forest
Ubud Monkey Forest
Posted by Warren Dobe | 07 Nov 2017

A baby clings to its mother's chest as she scampers up a tree, a lone rebel is trying to crack a resilient nut on the pavement and a village elder...

uda walawe sunset
Elephants of Uda Walawe
Posted by Warren Dobe | 05 Jan 2017

It's 6am and five or so diesel engines are emitting that distinctive idling noise. The diesel engines in the bellies of a fleet of safari-equipped 4WD's are waiting at the gate to...

halloween new orleans
Halloween in New Orleans
Posted by Warren Dobe | 31 Oct 2016

Our Halloween begun with a scene out of American Horror Story. Our Lafayette Airbnb creaked and moaned all night, cats mysteriously appeared from nowhere and then disappeared just as quickly....

Overland Track Start
Overland Track, Tasmania
Posted by Warren Dobe | 20 May 2016

6 days. 5 nights. 80 kilometres. The Overland track in numbers. Getting away from civilisation and walking the old trails of trappers and early settlers in a beautiful and dramatic...

Amazon River
Posted by Warren Dobe | 01 Sep 2011

Forgive me if I start this article with Inca Cola. Sure, you are expecting to read about the majestic Amazon jungle but first you must learn about Inca Cola. It's...

whale shark utila
Whale sharks, Utila
Posted by Warren Dobe | 02 Jan 2006

Very hot in Utila which is an island off the Caribbean coast of Honduras. Being Caribbean it has it's own culture and English is widely spoken along with a form...