Fitz Roy, El Chalten
El Chaltén
Posted by Warren Dobe | 04 Jan 2018

The custom-built adventure town of El Chaltén . A by-product of the Chilean and Argentinian arms race to secure tourism sites in southern Patagonia. This Argentinian stake in the ground forms immediate...

Carretera Austral road surface
Carretera Austral
Posted by Warren Dobe | 30 Dec 2017

The Carretera Austral, a triumph of Chilean engineering and a relic of the ruthless Pinochet dictatorship. Once isolated northern Patagonian towns eventually connected by a passable terrestrial thoroughfare after 20...

Climbing Volcan Villarrica
Posted by Warren Dobe | 16 Dec 2017

Volcan Villarrica dominates the skyline when seen from the Ruta 5 heading south through the Lake District of Chile. The symmetrical snow-capped conical peak soars high above any surrounding landmarks....

Ella Rock View
How to Climb Ella Rock in Sri Lanka
Posted by Warren Dobe | 29 Nov 2017

A drawcard of Ella, Sri Lanka is a hike up Ella Rock. Yet mysteriously no route map exists, no trail markings are present and the whole affair seems shrouded in...

Enladrillado summit
Hiking Enladrillado
Posted by Warren Dobe | 25 Nov 2017

My feet are still throbbing after 7 solid hours of hiking over loose rocks, wobbly logs and soft snow. An arduous but rewarding trek in middle Chile amongst dense forests,...

adams peak trail
Adam’s Peak, Sri Lanka
Posted by Warren Dobe | 29 Dec 2016

As far as mountain names go, Adam's Peak is as simple as you get. Alongside Everest, the Matterhorn or Acongagua it seems quite plain. But this is Sri Lanka where...

gentlemans halt camping
Gentleman’s Halt, Hawkesbury River
Posted by Warren Dobe | 31 Jan 2016

A '10km moderate walk' said the sign at the beginning of the Canoelands Ridge Trail, accessed logically by Canoelands Rd, Canoelands in the rural north west of Sydney just past...

Kinabalu Holiday Camp
Room with a view of Kinabalu
Posted by Warren Dobe | 14 Sep 2014

Doing business in Borneo is a peculiar affair. Our hire car was acquired by meeting a man outside a supermarket in Kota Kinabalu. Our campground was found by visiting a laundromat...

lupa mesa jungle camp
Lupa Mesa Jungle Camp
Posted by Warren Dobe | 09 Sep 2014

On the Malaysian portion of the island of Borneo, a few hours drive west from Kota Kinabalu, lies Poring Springs. Located at the end of the road, Poring Springs is...

Cerro Bandera
Hiking Cerro Bandera
Posted by Warren Dobe | 01 Jan 2014

Many New Years Day's are started with a late greasy breakfast, potentially on the sofa watching re-runs of How I Met Your Mother, or instead, taking a dip in the...