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Chile Campervan
Chile Campervan Adventure
Posted by Warren Dobe | 29 Jan 2018

Most epic roadtrips are booked long in advance, have a detailed itinerary and a list of must do's along the way. So with a week's notice and knowledge of Chile...

Carretera Austral road surface
Carretera Austral
Posted by Warren Dobe | 30 Dec 2017

The Carretera Austral, a triumph of Chilean engineering and a relic of the ruthless Pinochet dictatorship. Once isolated northern Patagonian towns eventually connected by a passable terrestrial thoroughfare after 20...

Beale Street Memphis
Memphis, Tennesse
Posted by Warren Dobe | 23 Oct 2016

After a night in what can only be described as a truckstop, Texacarna, Arkansas was an experience. Between our stay at a Motel 6, our dinner at Applebees and breakfast...

Mt Whitney
Badwater Marathon, Death Valley
Posted by Warren Dobe | 14 Jul 2013

I spotted a lone figure in the distance. This shimmering haze on the horizon slowly materialised into a white cloth-clad figure shuffling alone in the vacant landscape. Slowing to a...

Taj Mahal
A Night at the Taj Mahal
Posted by Warren Dobe | 23 Sep 2010

We had passed the 3rd level of security. The small group of tourists was down to 12. We felt like Charlie visiting Willy Wonka's chocolate factory clasping our golden tickets....

Napa Valley Winery
Sipping Across Sonoma
Posted by Warren Dobe | 30 Sep 2009

An hour's drive from Berkeley and we were in Sonoma. The little sister of Napa, the major town of this winery region north of San Francisco. We pulled into the...

Big Sur Lookout
Big Sur, California
Posted by Warren Dobe | 29 Sep 2009

Start the ignition on the Mustang to begin the Big Sur roadtrip. Clock turns on showing 9am precisely. Nothing strange about that except that the two previous mornings of our...

icefields parkway
Icefields parkway
Posted by Warren Dobe | 31 Oct 2005

Snow drifts sweep across the road. Elk and deer dart in front of the headlights. We'd stop if there were any towns nearby yet we must push on to Jasper...

cabot trail cape breton
Cabot trail, Cape Breton
Posted by Warren Dobe | 20 Sep 2005

Arrive into Nova Scotia off the car ferry from Prince Edward Island. We head towards the Cape Breton National park. Home to one of the world's most scenic drives. A...