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Entrance to Graceland.
Beneath the Sideburns and Sequins of Elvis
Posted by Warren Dobe | 10 Aug 2017

Standing in the Jungle Room of Graceland. I feel the mastery and extravagance of Elvis exude from the walls. I imagine he and his entourage lounging about. Drinks and drugs...

The view from Andorra Arcalis.
Tour de France, Andorra
Posted by Warren Dobe | 09 Jul 2016

A piper is playing an infectious and lively tune. Twenty middle-aged men in lycra dance merrily on a hairpin bend on the road. A colourful mob of Columbians are adorned in...

Iguazu falls argentina
Iguazu falls
Posted by Warren Dobe | 13 Sep 2011

Yet another early start. Which makes it tough to live like a local out to all hours when you need to arise at 6am to hop on planes all the...

Macchu Pichu
Machu Picchu
Posted by Warren Dobe | 10 Sep 2011

...continued from Inca trail. Awake 4am for a 5am departure. It is dark, cold and still. Packing up camp Allison decides to donate her Ugg slippers to the Inca gods....

Inca Trail
Inca Trail
Posted by Warren Dobe | 07 Sep 2011

Inca trail beckoned after a 2 day acclimitisation in the quaint town of Cusco. A relatively civilised wake up time of 6am for a 7am departure. We meet our Inca...

Taj Mahal
A Night at the Taj Mahal
Posted by Warren Dobe | 23 Sep 2010

We had passed the 3rd level of security. The small group of tourists was down to 12. We felt like Charlie visiting Willy Wonka's chocolate factory clasping our golden tickets....

Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
Posted by Warren Dobe | 02 Mar 2009

Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa is an impressive sight. Arising from the surrounding plains as a single volcanic peak adds a certain level of majesty. Our party of...