Entrance to Graceland.
Beneath the Sideburns and Sequins of Elvis
Posted by Warren Dobe | 10 Aug 2017

Standing in the Jungle Room of Graceland. I feel the mastery and extravagance of Elvis exude from the walls. I imagine he and his entourage lounging about. Drinks and drugs...

halloween new orleans
Halloween in New Orleans
Posted by Warren Dobe | 31 Oct 2016

Our Halloween begun with a scene out of American Horror Story. Our Lafayette Airbnb creaked and moaned all night, cats mysteriously appeared from nowhere and then disappeared just as quickly....

Beale Street Memphis
Memphis, Tennesse
Posted by Warren Dobe | 23 Oct 2016

After a night in what can only be described as a truckstop, Texacarna, Arkansas was an experience. Between our stay at a Motel 6, our dinner at Applebees and breakfast...

big beach maui
Big Beach, Maui
Posted by Warren Dobe | 31 Dec 2015

New Years Eve, island style. Our final day in Maui and it called for some beach action. Beauty of an Island like Maui is you can get anywhere quickly with...

Lahania hawaii
Lahania, Maui, Hawaii
Posted by Warren Dobe | 26 Dec 2015

Nursing a mild hangover on boxing day, the day after Christmas, Erin and I were contemplating the prospect of working the days between Christmas and New Year while most had the...

Ushuaia, Argentina
Posted by Warren Dobe | 28 Jan 2014

Ushuaia, Tierra Del Fuego, Argentina. This is the jumping off point for most trips to Antarctica and also known as 'Fin Del Mundo' meaning 'End of the world'. It truly...

Cerro Bandera
Hiking Cerro Bandera
Posted by Warren Dobe | 01 Jan 2014

Many New Years Day's are started with a late greasy breakfast, potentially on the sofa watching re-runs of How I Met Your Mother, or instead, taking a dip in the...

Mt Whitney
Badwater Marathon, Death Valley
Posted by Warren Dobe | 14 Jul 2013

I spotted a lone figure in the distance. This shimmering haze on the horizon slowly materialised into a white cloth-clad figure shuffling alone in the vacant landscape. Slowing to a...

Iguazu falls argentina
Iguazu falls
Posted by Warren Dobe | 13 Sep 2011

Yet another early start. Which makes it tough to live like a local out to all hours when you need to arise at 6am to hop on planes all the...

Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires
Posted by Warren Dobe | 12 Sep 2011

I walk down the corridor leading away from my room. The receptionist, Natasha is scurrying toward me in a distraught state. "Gun, gun" is all she can verbally muster. She...