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Australia has endless beaches, barrier reefs and cosmopolitan cities. Deserts make up much of the interior where you could drive for days and not see a soul. When we’re not travelling we choose to call Australia home, so we have plenty of local haunts to share if you’re planning a trip ‘down under’.

overland track

By road, rail or air Australia can be traversed in many ways, just remember it’s a long way between everything! Tasmania on the other hand is a compact island full of adventure options. Including the Overland track hike.

pumphouse point

Pumphouse Point at Lake St Clair is a unique wilderness retreat which combines luxury with a genuine communal atmosphere set in the World Heritage Listed Lake St Clair National Park. A top pick for a special occasion!

aboriginal flag

Australia was only been settled by Europeans in 1788. However the indigenous Aboriginal people have inhabited Australia for over 65 thousand years.

Travelling in Australia

Southern Highlands Pie Trail Run
Posted by Warren Dobe | 04 May 2018
The Great Southern Highlands Pie Trail Run

There are few items you could list that immediately say 'Australia' better than the humble meat pie. That staple satisfying snack to grab on the run or road trip. A...

byron bay lighthouse
Posted by Warren Dobe | 22 Mar 2018
East Coast Australia Road Trip

With just over a month to spare, an East Coast Australia road trip was in order. With no fixed itinerary, we uncovered a few gems. After a 3-month Chilean road...

Pumphouse Point
Posted by Warren Dobe | 12 Sep 2016
Pumphouse Point, Tasmania

Another splintered oak log is loaded onto a well established fire. The flames envelope the log like embracing an old friend coming in from the cold. In the distance the sun...

Overland Track Start
Posted by Warren Dobe | 20 May 2016
Overland Track, Tasmania

6 days. 5 nights. 80 kilometres. The Overland track in numbers. Getting away from civilisation and walking the old trails of trappers and early settlers in a beautiful and dramatic...

gentlemans halt camping
Posted by Warren Dobe | 31 Jan 2016
Gentleman’s Halt, Hawkesbury River

A '10km moderate walk' said the sign at the beginning of the Canoelands Ridge Trail, accessed logically by Canoelands Rd, Canoelands in the rural north west of Sydney just past...

glenworth valley
Posted by Warren Dobe | 05 Jun 2015
Glenworth Valley, NSW

A short drive north of Sydney before reaching Gosford on the M3 you turn off to Peats Ridge. Soon after you will find the entrance to Glenworth Valley. A multi-purpose...

wollamia jervis bay
Posted by Warren Dobe | 22 Mar 2015
Woollamia, Jervis Bay

Thinking Maldives, thinking over water bungalow's. Could the same be obtained with a trusty camping hammock? It was in Woollamia we decided to find out. Staying on the Currambene river...

newnes wolgan valley
Posted by Warren Dobe | 10 Feb 2015
Newnes, Wolgan Valley

About 40km out of Lithgow, New South Wales you will find Newnes. Situated at the end of a dusty dirt road it is signposted as 'The place that money can't...

maitland bay hammock camping
Posted by Warren Dobe | 26 Jan 2015
Maitland Bay

Camping on a deserted beach less than an hours drive from Sydney may seem an impossible task. But that was the challenge set. After a bit of research online, a...

south point hike wilsons promontory
Posted by Warren Dobe | 02 Feb 2013
Wilson’s Promontory Trail Run

Running to the southernmost point on the Australian mainland seemed like a good incentive. The Wilson's Promontory National Park also contributed great scenery, including huge granite mountains, open forests, and...