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Sling Adventures has been created to capture our travel experiences as we roam around the globe. We’ve recently relaunched this from a regular travel blog to a more comprehensive travel resource and are now focused full time on sourcing and reporting on what we uncover on the road that we feel others may be interested in.

We hope you find some new destinations to explore, perhaps a few tools of the trade you didn’t already know and, if you like what you see, become a Sling Adventurer by signing up to our regular newsletter.


We are self-confessed travel addicts.  We have tried to squeeze in as much travel as we could while holding down a full time job. But it gets exhausting! We could be found scarpering like Fred Flintstone at the end of the working day to head into the mountains or jet off on a plane.

So we decided to combine the two things we feel we are best at. Travel and Digital Design. We’re taking a significant plunge into the unknown to see if we can  survive life on the road doing what we love.


Sling Adventures actually began in the jungles of Borneo as we camped in hammocks around the island. As travel often has a way of doing, it led us to ponder what it would take to travel full time and write about our adventures along the way.

Oh, and we love hammocks! They are so comfortable, so simple and very versatile. They have helped us access some very unique locations and still have a comfy nights sleep. The name we feel simply reflects our style of travel!

What sort of travel does Sling Adventures cover?

We tend to mix a bit of everything into our travels. From quintessential bucket list adventures to exploring emerging destinations in out of the way pockets of the world. We enjoy luxury island escapes, if we must, and love sourcing great food, often in the unlikeliest of places! We’ve found some of the best (and worst) places to travel and done a fair bit of group travel with friends, even travelled solo on occasion.

Overall, we like to seek out different places and activities. The one thing that has been consistent all the way through is that we have never regretted a minute of being on the road!

Who are we?

gibbon experience warren dobe
Warren DobeChief Adventurer

Always up for a challenge. Borneo was a great ‘choose-your-own-adventure island. Also the Gibbon Experience (pictured) had us flying through the jungle like tarzan.

erin coffee ubud
Erin JudgeChief Foodie

Spice is the variety of life. Never knock back a sauce! I never thought a safari in Sri Lanka would conjure up such delicacies. Also, the Aloo Tikki in Orchha was amazing!


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